Monday, March 7, 2011

What Are The Effects of Tourism In Malaysia.

Actually many effects of tourism towards the development of Malaysia. Today tourism to effects a positive and negative in Malaysia. A positive effects tourism can increasing the income of country. Many tourist come visit to Malaysia to become increasing the income of country. Besides, the positive effects of tourism to our country become famous in the world. Our country become famous with tourism because with oversea tourist we can to introduce advantage our country for they. Malaysia many places interesting to can visit, such as Pangkor island, Redang island, Langkawi island, Penang island and others. So, with tourism our country become famous in the world. Besides, with tourism can open more work opportunity especially to local society. Local society can involved with tourism, they can work because more work opportunity to can apply. The effects of tourism in Malaysia we can prepared good infrastructure in our country. At the same time we can  prepared good infrastructure in our country for the main attraction for tourist come to our country. Besides, with tourism we can make good relationship or close relationship between tourist and local.

Tourism can effects negarive to our country. First, tourism to effects environment quality. For to develop resort and places holiday to become efeects for environment quality although can attract tourist come visit in country. Besides, effect of globalization in country. The globalization has open gates for economies nationally and globally.With tourism to open opportunity the global economies and industries took advantage by constructing  new business corporations in foreign. So i think  effect tourism to become effect positive and negative to Malaysia. I think we have do something for our country, that all. Thank you.

Nurmala Binti Mohd Nor


  1. hai Nurmala.i agree with your statement about this.we all opinion about the effects of tourism in our country is the of course tourism in Malaysia have positive and negative effects.I think negative effects of tourism is bad attitude from tourists such as yellow cultural,punk,crime and others.Are you agree with me, Nurmala..
    Nurul Nasyatul Husna Bt Ismail

  2. Hai, i also really agree with all your statement. very good easy.

    Nor Salsabil Binti KK Mohammad

  3. apa daaa english berterabur budak u mana ni